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Dine Bizaad (The People's Language)   
11:01pm 02/01/2003
mood: blah
Okay, so I had time today. And we all know that languages are more than a passing interest with me. So I decided I would finally get around to translating a name into Navajo.

Starting with French:
Miette LaChanson

More or less, "small sweet song".

Well, I figured that Navajo, being one of the more widely spoken languages would have an online dictionary. It doesn't. Why? Because the language itself isn't exactly condusive to it.

Navajo word structure:

prefix1 + prefix2... + ...prefix10 + stem + suffix (I use the word suffix, because that's the closest thing that people will understand easily).

Yes, that's up to TEN prefix's PER stem word. To top it off, there are no nouns in Navajo. Only Verbs. Ever verb is a noun. And there are five states for every verb-noun indicating tense. To top it off... every verb is a complete sentance (or can be) in and of itself.

What does this all mean?

It took me ELEVEN hours to translate "Miette LaChanson" into Navajo... and this is what I got...

Ha (who)
taalhi (the sing)
yazhi (little one)

Who the sing little one, or rather the little one who sings.

Ha'taalhi'Yazhi, little singer.
Miette LaChanson, small sweet song

Out of curriosity, I tried to verify my spelling of the word... and if by some mircle... found the declasified marine navajo wind talker lexicon... which contained...

ha-talhi-yazzie (the little singer)

It looks a little different, yes, but that's because it isn't used as a name, first person-ish. Kinda (it's not quite first person, but it is... research it yourself). SO I think my spelling is right.

Navajo (Dine Bizaad) is a beautifully detailed, if complex (the word for key almost literally translates as something like "object to which open that is small long and slim"). Check it out sometime!
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Things Fall Apart   
05:42pm 10/12/2002
mood: Sentimental
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Read the whole poemCollapse )

I'm going to step back for a moment, and not be myself. I'm going to make a few observations on things that I don't know about simply because I'm in the middle of them. Maybe even often a little advice.

It seems right now that things truly have fallen apart. It began with the social circle at game, the split, and then another split on top of that.

James is moving, and I'm not quite sure what it is that Mandy is doing. Travis (btw, call me at work or at Jesse's place) and Brandi are dealing with thier own issues, as are Tony and Lizy. Mary is dealing with a bunch of crap that no one should have to deal with, and on a side note, so am I though the crap is totally unrelated mind you. Sprite is facing turbulent waters. Hell, who isn't?

Things fall apart.

Everyone's lives seem to be coming unglued. No one is sure where to turn, people are leaving that we thought would never leave.

The Center cannot hold.

The group of people that I have come to know and love, the ones that I call my friends, are breaking apart. Not because we don't get along, mind you, but because we all have our own things to take care of.

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

So it seems. No one seems to know where to turn, who to turn to, who to confide in - why confide in someone who can't get thier own life together right? Or why burden them with your problems when they have thier own?

Well guys, the second coming is at hand. The fact of the matter is plain and simple. Despite all the problems we are all facing, despite all the BULLSHIT that life has thrown at all us, despite all the curves, and all the waves, it comes down to one thing.

We... are... friends.

We are eachother's escapes. Some of us may come, and some of us may go - that's life - but while we're together, lets be together. We are eachother's escapes.

That sounds gay. But you get the idea.

I for one may not be the best person in the whole world, but anyone who needs anything I can do for them, you guys know how to reach me. If you don't, find someone who does. Both Jesse and Mary know how to get ahold of me at all times, as does Robin in most cases.

Come chill. Have some coffe. Cone someone. Borrow a theater blunkie. I don't care. I also don't care what the hell you guys are going through - it doesn't make a difference in my friendship with anyone. If you need proof of that, I need only look at the faith YOU guys have put in me.

All this fucking bullshit I have gone through over the last couple of years, finally coming to a settled pattern of don't-need-to-worry-about-it for the next two and half years, and every last one of you has had faith in me.

No one questioned me. No one looked down on me. No one baught into the hype surrounding my controversial situation.

Thanks guys.

I guess, to finish up, all I really wanted to say is that every last one of you, from the people I am closest to like Pixie and Mary, to the friends of mine I still hardly know even after a year and half, like Brandi and Lizy. Thank you.

You guys were there for me, I'm here for you.

We may be loosing a few of our closest friends, but the point is we ARE still friends.

If the next two years are half as good as the last two years have been, then I wouldn't give it up for anything.

So yeah. I shut up now.

Random babble of the moment: sentimental
Random drink of the moment: coffee.
Random caffine of the moment: coffee.
Random sugar of the moment: coffee.
Random warmth of the moment: coffee.
Random fixation of the moment: coffee.
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The Philosophy of Braeden Birch   
12:25am 30/11/2002
mood: creative
Well, I've not posted in a while. Been excedingly busy. But I'm at work late today, and well, finishing up slightly early. Thought I'd post a short I wrote for a background for my new hunter. Picked up hunter, cause, you nkow, JonathanD took me on as his new aST and does hunter and changeling. ^_^ Woot!

Anyhow, picking up hunter as a plaything. Kuds to anyone who can pick out the creeds of the characters, and the clan of the leech in the story.

Oh, and Nick, just for you... An LJ cut. See? I can be nice! (Granted it took a five page story to do so!)

Read the Background of Braeden Birch, Player of the Most Dangerous Game.Collapse )
And so it begins...   
01:51pm 14/11/2002
mood: ecstatic
JD offered me aST today. In fact, offered me two positions, LOL.

Told me I was his first pick for aST Changeling, but offered CraigST (werewolf) to e-mail me for interview into the werewolf venue. Don't want werewolf. Want changeling. But will take Werewolf if they think I could offer the puppies more than I could offer the butterflies.

Anyhow, just wanted to share. If I don't get snatched up by CraigST, JD said I'm his. Soo yeah... WOOT!
Compliments from the three STs I wanna be like when I grow up (to be an ST)   
12:35am 04/11/2002
mood: accomplished
Right up there with Nicki who was the changeling aST when I first started playing the NB Chronical, and JohnathanD who is the current Changeling Head ST in NB, would be Michael T. the guy who changed my opionion of Cam be STing a Cthulhu Live! game I was in. Anyhow, these three names would be the three people that I look up to in terms of ST ability, and "who I want to grow up to be" as it were. Sort of a mix between the three would be, IMHO the best possible ST rolemodel you could ever have if you wanted to learn to ST...

...Well, I had meant to be talking to Jesse, but I miss-clicked in trillaian; pulled up a random Y! user from my list instead of the intended AIM user. Ended up getting Michael on the other end of Y! and had a rather interesting conversation.

PookaPest: dude! You missed the Counts the Grand Ball today... Cahir got up in his face and almost challenged. o.O Whoops! Sorry Shai! Wrong person! LOL

perkyshai: howdy ... this is michael ... who is this? :)

PookaPest: [Ferret]. ^_^ [Sorry guys, I always edit my name outta my posts! LOL]

perkyshai: ah ... howdy, good sir [Ferret]. np on your clicking of the wrong yahoo-person ... :)

perkyshai: hope you had a good game. sounds like changeling. yes? :)

PookaPest: Yesh-sir. ^_^ The Count and the Jester did a little magics to extend the Samhain Festivities through tonight. ^_^ (To accomidate people attending RL festivites) So we had funs tonight

PookaPest: COunt + Jester = The Two STs. ;-)

perkyshai: ha! a good time was had by all, then. :) shai (in case you are needing her for sumthin') is over at the norris place tonight ... rehearsal for band.

PookaPest: *shakes head* Nopers. Just misclicked. LOL

perkyshai: np. btw, i tried to call your place (e. graves on the good ol' caller id box) ... rang and rang ... can you please pass along the following to yourself, sprite, and james? :)

PookaPest: sure

perkyshai: --> xp for game = your pc month/cap -1 ... except for sprite and james and your pc ... that be full xp cap.

PookaPest: o.O Thanks!

perkyshai: quite welcome. glad you all liked the game. we tries to please, we does. ;)

PookaPest: Yes, you do please!

perkyshai: :) you are aware of the reason for the extra xp for your three characters? B-)

PookaPest: *shakes head*

perkyshai: ah ... three reasons:
perkyshai: 1. i always try to encourage the newest players and their characters.
perkyshai: 2. i appreciate the rp style you three have worked up.
perkyshai: 3. and ask sprite for the third reason ... ;)

PookaPest: *ROFL*
PookaPest: *already knows that part*

perkyshai: ah, well, then ... you got 'em all. :)

PookaPest: As for #2... ty... S'a big compliment coming from you. ^_^ ty

perkyshai: quite welcome, sir ... also deserved. our domain has developed over the last three (or more) years a certain locked style of rp ... i _like_ a bit more comedy or theatricality injected amongst small groups ... :)

PookaPest: *giggels* Most people call it over-acting. ;-)

perkyshai: well, that's good stuff for larping ... really (in my opinion, at least) ... the wall flower types can watch the more dynamic personalities ... the other dynamic types can either try to match or try to compete in terms of attracting social attention ... (or is that over analyzing it ...?) :)

PookaPest: No, actually... I don't think it is. ^_^ Besides which, its the best way to add life to the game, IMHO, considering that the RL scenery never changes... have to accent it somehow. :-P Or somethign like that. (add life from a player persective, that is)

perkyshai: exactly that kind of thing ... we all likes a change of pace ... sometimes adventure, sometimes soap opera ... some times comedy and sometimes the angst. and player-added elements are waaaay better than st-added elements. at the very least: there's more of y'all. ;)

PookaPest: Makes throwing you ST types for a loop easier. ^_^ Why do you think we try and keep our numbers up compared to yours!

perkyshai: me, i'm all in favor of this. us st types like to watch too, ya knows ...

PookaPest: *nods nods nods ndos* Oh yesh, I know. ^_^ Do my bit as an ST for James' troupe and all that. Tee-hee! Anyhow... I'll pass the messages along. I gotta head to bed now. Nice chit-chattin' with you. ^_^

perkyshai: thank ya, kind sir ... i'm back to my last minute homework ... have a good night, gives my hello's to all and sundry, kiss the baby good-night, and i shall see ya sometime after two minutes from now. :)

So yeah, the whole point of me posting this, despite the fact that I don't like really posting TOO much game shit, is pretty much to toot my own horn (which I'll gladly admit). Why you say? Cause that is now ALL THREE of the people who I look to as most as STs that have complimented my RP style in the last three months.

That's, "The best pooka I've seen played since Charlie. Probably the best Dandy I've ever seen played. In fact, have an extra XP for the night." This is curtesy of JohnathanD, and consequntly, bing a 24/7 game, a full extra XP is 300% XP for the day (you only get .5 XP per day if you play on a given day)

Curtsey of Michael, of course, the compliment to the Dynamic myself, Pixie, and Sprite have going - This by the way is the biggest of compliments, as my understanding of the situation is that, while not exactly stingy with the compliments, Michael truly only does give them were deserved and when deserved (this is as per the other Cammies I know)

And finally, there are Nicki's compliments, which I am actually going to leave off, cause I don't feel like digging through my logs to find the exact quote - there is the one over the last three months, and several througout the last two years, including my first ever sceene in NB in which I was warded into Nicki's characters motlety, more or less. ^_^ Woot!

Any how... I just thought I'd share, cause, well, if you've read my journal lately then you know all about the nasty troupe stuff that went sour, and this is just a nice lovely reassuring thing that is keeping my faith going in my own creative abilities (which I have been feeling lacking in, considering I havn't written in like two years, which makes it hard to publish).

So yeah. Enough with the rambling. Have to be up in a few hours to go in to work early and teach and stuff. I'm down tooting my horn, now. ^_^
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Humerous Conversation...   
02:34am 31/10/2002
mood: amused
I havn't had a converstaion this... fun... Since Scotty and I were together. Hope you enjoy. Names edited by request. *glares*

PookaPest: So YOU'RE the infamous crush, huh? *is probably about to get hit by sprite*
N.: I'm not so certain I am so infamous, nor so crushed upon...but perhaps. *grin*
PookaPest: LOL
N.: I am, however, certain you will be hit.
PookaPest: I'm very good at dodging you know. In real life, I'm all twinky like that. N.: A most excellent skill in your situation...*grin*
PookaPest: OH boy..... Here she comes....
PookaPest: Excuse me while I hide my icons and plead the fifth.... Tee-hee!
N.: Funny...all I mentioned was that you had contacted me...
PookaPest: She is trying to strangle me.
N.: Perfectly understanble reaction, given the situation.
PookaPest: Indeed. I'm fairly certain I would react the same way. One of those strange universal ironies.
PookaPest: At least she doesn't know where the noose is. ;)
N.: Irony? Why use that word, when "hypocricy" is so much funnier.
N.: To me, at least. *grin*
N.: I do believe you have made your roomate quite paranoid...
PookaPest: I'm not hypocritical... I just freely admit to changing my opinion of a sitution to suit my current mood. Right now, I don't like the strangling thing. Were I in her shoes, I would. I think, perhaps, realist is the better choice of words. ^_^
N.: Interesting circular justification.
N.: I approve.
PookaPest: Indeed.

Random gross-out of the moment: Cute
Random person next to me of the moment: Sprite
Random annoying sound of the moment: Mary's mouse clicking
Random symptom of the moment: This fucking coughing
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So we scripted in the crazy insane woman... And THIS happens!   
01:04pm 30/10/2002
mood: aggravated
Okay, guys, I'm really starting to get pissed off here.

We "scripted" in the crazy insane woman for our Holloween game. And about an hour or so before she was slated to show up, we had to deal with something ELSE.

A little tid-bit of domestic violence broke out on the third floor balcony (we were on in the courtyard). At the point where we heard a woman yell, "Don't grab me, let go" *slap* *scream* I bolted upstairs, the first to arrive on the scene.

First words out of my mouth, "You need to let her go."

Of course, the guy (about 10 yards or so away), turns to me, and starts swearing at me and the like.

...AND... that's when I got a good look at him. About 6 feet tall, maybe a little shorter, and lookin' like he could have weigh about 200lbs. In -muscle-

By that time, Mark, was up there, and I was hearing Ben and Bradon behind me, coming up on the stairs (Ben and Bradon are our designated Bouncers of sorts).

I tell the guy again, "You need to leave off and let her alone." The guy forgets the woman for a moment (and she bolts, thank god!), and starts heading my way.

I have no shame admiting that I was outta there faster than puppy hopped up on rage! I was back behind that corner in the blink of an Eye, and on the second floor watching the guy.

So Ben steps around the corner, Bradon hangs out around it, and Mark plants himself in the middle of the catwalk.

The dude, twice the size of Mark, gets in Marks face. Now, for all the jokes we make about Mark being a pussy ass, what he did took some fucking balls. I mean LOTS of balls. BIG fucking balls.

He stood his ground.

For about three or four mintues, while we all watched, waiting for this guy to swing so we could cuff his mother fucking ass, Mark stood there, perfectly calm while the guy yelled at him (guess it was that military training). The only thing I heard Mark say (barely audibly from where I was), "You don't need to hit women. You need to leave."

Dude, Mark, IMHO, that was a stupid thing to do! But OMG it was awesome!

The guy finally backed down, and went inside without an incident. Thank god he did to, cause I really didn't want this to turn into a legal mess.

Anyhow, to whoever said they were calling the cops (I yelled for someone to call on my way up stairs), shame on you, since no one admited to calling the cops afterwards.

I don't know, I suppose the cops are tired of us calling them anyhow. That would have made three weeks in a row that we called them on tuesday, and the fourth time total (one of them it sounded like there was a fight going on in the apt. downstairs, but it turned out to be neighbors moving and being loud at wierd hours of the night).

Anyhow, the point of this is that we don't live in a bad complex. REALLY! But it seems like trouble is FOLLOWING us! If it's not one thing, it's another.

I'm really starting to get pissed off about this shit! No really! Pissed off! Can't the troupe just chill in the courtyard ONE WEEK? without a problem? Last time when we were at this location we didn't have a problem at all! We never had to call the cops, only had the cops called on us once for noise violation (the cop blew it off) and once for "performing satanic rituals" (which the cop blew off).

Why can't people just mind their own fucking business? No - No, it isn't even that. We don't MIND if people come up to the group and ask what we are doing! Hell, we encourage them to! We invite them to watch what we're doing, so they know exactly what it is - impovisational acting... with rules. Hell, a couple of people have seemed genuinly interested (including the various cops - LOL).



I need to find something to take my agression out on...

Oooh! I know!

Somewhere... Out there... Is a trout...
SWIMMING in the ocean...


Rainbow Graveyard   
12:16am 25/10/2002
mood: bouncy
Well, here's a it of stuff I've worked up for my little group. The band name of course is Rainbow Graveyard, and the picture is the cover of the self titled album. I also included the compelte tracklist of the album. Lyrics are finalized for both the re-mixes. I'll post some fo the lyrics once I have some more of them done. Oh yeah! And click on the album cover to get a larger view of the picture! ^_^

Rainbow Graveyard
(Self Titled Album Track List)

A Rainbow's Graveyard
Whispers of the Future
Butterfly Dreams (re-mix)
One Step Closer
Another World (Again)
Tapestry of Fate
Dán, My Dear
Colorful Explinations
Dream (Dance) Kiss
(Something) Strangly Something
Shattered Wings
Pass to Spring (re-mix)
Track Thirteen

Feeling good   
11:41am 24/10/2002
mood: silly
Well, an old friend tracked me down a couple of days ago, and we talked for quite a bit. I was a little bit anxious about the whole thing – a little uncertain about how things would be between us considering we just sort of stopped talking.

It went well though.

We played catch up for the last two, two and a half years, and just kinda talked about everything under the sun. It was pretty nifty. Spiforific even. Anyhow, found out she lives not to far from me and the whole gang. Works even more than I do, but hey, eventually I’ll drag her out of her hidey hole and introduce her to the gang. You know, I figure pick a nice quiet night to kick back and relax and just chill and, you know… Kick it.

Tuesday maybe. *evil grin*

Anyhow, much with the feeling better about the whole situation, and I’ll stop babbling now. Besides which, I’m at work, and I have to at least pretend that I’m getting something done, even though I don’t have a class for a few more days.

Oh yeah, and Brandi! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! And thank you some more! We lovez you with much! Just hope that poor Travis isn’t going too insane. Tee-hee! ^_^
Look! I'm on the web!   
04:12pm 23/10/2002
mood: Nifty
Well, I've been thinking alot about past choices and the like - birthday's are fun and all that - and I decided to pass some time by tracking myself down on the internet. Well, check it out!

Here is an article I wrote for Glacier City Radio waaaay back in 1997 when Scotty and I were doing the whole DJ bit every Sunday. Nifty, huh?

I have Web Presence.
From Floppies to Wong   
12:27am 22/10/2002
  So Robin gave me my birthday present a little early. A few hours early in fact. Last night, right before the 21’st hit. It was something that only I could appreciate, I think, and something even I could only appreciate because the present came from Robin.

And what do you ask is this very much appreciated birthday present? A Wong Sign.

Now, in order to fully appreciate the Wong Sign, you must first understand where it all began, for before there were Wong Signs… there were Movie Blunkies. And before there were Movie Blunkies, there were Cones. Before the time of Cones, there was of course the talk of Real Blunkies, though I have yet to have one of those. This of course came from a Wet Floor Sign.

And where did Wet Floor Signs come from? Why from Floppies of course!

Ok, geeks, get your head outta your nerdy world. We’re not talking about those kinds of floppies. No, that’s Floppies, with a capital “F”.

You see, back in the day, Robin and I were carpooling to work. That is to say, I still don’t have my car, didn’t then, and well we worked the same shift so I bummed rides from him.

Out of sheer boredom and the desire to make the ride home more enjoyable, we began sticking random objects outside of the windows, rolling the windows up, and giggling insanely at how funny it was when the objects flopped around. Hence the term Floppy.

We’ve used all kinds of objects as Floppies. The first, I think, were the Chick-fil-a or however you spell it promotional note pad thingies that we have by the bagful up at work. We’d line the window with them, roll them up, and watch them flop. The record, by the way, is seven or eight Floppies at once.

Now a true Floppy is determined by rolling the window back down while you are moving at least 40-50 mph and seeing if the Floppies stay put. If they were properly placed in the window they will, even at high speeds, and continue to flop around with their insane buzzing sound.

Other Floppies have included cigarette packs, AOL Trial Version CDs, various food wrappers, candy wrappers, and random papers found laying around in the truck, and of course the ultimate Floppy…. A king sized mattress and boxspring set.

Yes, that’s right… the largest Floppy we have ever successfully made a Floppy was a king sized mattress set – best if you don’t ask!

Well, the Floppy thing was cool of course, and provided (and still does) hours upon hours worth of driving time humor. But using corporate propaganda as Floppies only gets you so far.

And so we have the Wet Floor Sign.

No really, we have it. The Wet Floor Sign came after several days of conversation of what does the company have that it doesn’t need or want, that would be an interesting addition into our ever growing collection of work-stuff-at-home. So walking out one day, a random person decided to, well, grab the Wet Floor Sign. It’s part of the collection now.

From there we progressed to Blunkies, but I never really had the balls to pull that one off, nor did anyone ever have the actual tools. You know the Blinkies on the construction barriers on the highways? Yeah, when they stop blinking, they become Blunkies, cause they are all blunked out. But the talk of acquiring a Blunkie of course led to other more realistic goals. Hence the next addition to our ever growing collection of work-stuff-at-home.

I Coned Robin.

There we were, driving down the parking garage. A sudden urge hit me, and I spoke a single word, perfectly clear, perfectly calm, and perfectly serious. I said:


The next thing I knew the car was stopped, doors opened, there was a thump, the doors closed... and we were driving again. I told myself not to look, but slowly I turned around… and sure enough, there it was:

A Cone.

So that brings us to Fake Blunkies, also known as Movie Blunkies, to which I am the proud owner of “Fellowship of the Ring.”

I hadn’t seen the movie yet, and it was nearing its final run in the theaters within a couple of weeks. I wanted a memento, damn it. Well, we didn’t expect a crowed, and sure enough, there wasn’t one. In fact, that time of the day there was almost no one in the theater.

Under Robin’s lovely influence, I couldn’t help myself. I skipped into the theater like I normally do (yes, I skip a lot of places) and just as I passed under the little banner that had the nifty Lord of the Rings thing next to the times it was playing in the theater, I jumped a litter higher.

My fingers came together of their own free will, mind you, I had no idea what they were doing. And when l landed, I had it.

The Fellowship of the Rings Movie Blunkie. A high quality one at that. Hard flexible plastic, dyed very well and nearly seamlessly, and just the right amount of transparency to it so that I can set it in my window at home, and see it perfectly.

Well, during this entire time we had of course encountered the Wong Phenomenon. You see, if you drive Richmond towards downtown, about the time you past 610 Loop, you start to see the first Wong Sign. Then you see the next. And all of a sudden… there it is…


From the time right before you cross the railroad tracks to the next major intersection, there are too many Wong Sings to count… And then they taper offer as you pass Greenway Plaza, until you reach Buffalo Speedway, where you see the last lingering remains of Wong.

It is very, very disturbing.

What is more disturbing is that Wong, who is running for some sort of government position, seems to be proper décor all times of the year. Even away from Election time, you can see the Wong Signs everywhere… It’s inescapable and almost as creepy as the Alien Cow that used to hang out at Greenway Plaza.

Well, Robin and I had always talked about getting our own Wong Sign, and at one point we took the time to drive around the neighborhood on Richmond right before the railroad tracks and observe the Wong Phenomena (there were only three signs that were non-Wong, though now that we are in season for elections there may be more).

We decided that we wanted to add to the décor. We not only wanted a Wong Sign, but a Wang Sign, as Wang, of course, is a running joke in our group (“So, how about James’ wang” is the normal "random" topic-change conversation starter).

We never got around to it.

Well, Robin stops by last night and informs me after he’s been here for some time, that he has something for me. I’m curious of course ‘cause Robin and I rarely get anything for each other than lunch here or there when the other is short on cash. So Robin steps outside, and what does he return with…?

Dum, dum dum!

A Wong Sign.

My eyes lit up like a lawyer asked to class action against AOL! I jumped and clapped, and for a few minutes I felt like the President given permission to attack Iraq. It was heaven!

So there now sits, next to my front door, a genuine, red , white, and blue, Martha Wong Republican For State Representative, Dist. 134 A Foundation for the Future Sign, all for my very own.

It’ll be hard to top that. Coning Robin was fun, getting my first Movie Blunkie was great. But it will be very, very, hard to top a Wong Sign for my birthday.

Check out Kyfhon’s post in my Friends list (CLick the "My Other Journal" link to the right, since the post is on DJ) for more information on Martha Wong!
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The Baron's Ball(s)   
03:11pm 19/10/2002
mood: amused
For you people who don't know your faerie tales very well, a pooka is a faerie of celtic origin that lies, pulls pranks, and is dishonest, while a Satyr is faerie that originated in greek mythology, renound for thier sexual stamina, debauchery, etc. Sahmain Festival (I know I spelled it wrong) is of course a reference to Holloween Night (also a C:tD reference). Enjoy.


T'was the night of the Baron's Sahmain Festival and they were throwing a Baronial ball - his left one to which the Baroness claimed right. The Baron cried, not because he had to, but because he had had two, though pretty soon he'd have none, if the Baroness were to get away with her way.

The dis-counts, no-accounts and other Nobles not already out for the Count (as the Count was unaccounted for, and others had been drinking) were sitting squarely 'round the Round Table tossing 'round pooka shit, for it is well known that in modern times a Noble always upholds the truth, and never bullshits.

"For the whole!" toasted a Commoner, striding into the Freehold with a sack slung over shoulder.

"What whole?" inquired the Baron.

"Ass-hole!" cried the Commoner, thus scoring one for the common people.

"Why, that's a dirty crack!" exclaimed the Baron.

"Speaking of dirty cracks," asked the Commoner, "How is the Baroness?"

"Screw the Baroness," replied the Baron, and half the common people made a mad rush to reach the Baroness's bedchamber, for as we all know, in modern days, a Noble’s Word is Law.

"Then where is the Baroness," asked the Commoner, "So might I dally with her?"

The Baron gestured to the golden seat next to his, "She sits upon the Baronial Throne."

"Is she then well supplied with paper?" queried the Commoner.

"Aye, she has forty reams of the finest linen," answered the Baron.

"On the contrary, she has none," answered the Commoner in turn.

The Baron turned and beheld the Baronnes, sitting tall upon her throne in nothing but nature's attire. "How indecent!" cried the Baron. "Turn you over now!"

"Fuck me if I will," said the Baroness.

"You'll be corn-holed if you won't," cried the Baron.

Replied the Commoner, concerned for the Baroness, "Should it hurt, perhaps we could partake in some pills first?"

The Baroness asked, knowing it would hurt (as simply knowing the Baron hurt), "What manner of pills?"

The Commoner cried out, "Nip-pills!" thus scoring another one for the common people.

The Baroness shit a gold brick in outrage (for in modern days a square hole is a symbol of Nobility) and then fled to her bedchambers to join the commoners.

"Tally ho!" cried the Baron to gather the attention of his court.

"The Baroness has left," observed the Commoner, "so I count none!"

"Then call forth the Baroness and tell her to bring her ‘pills," cried the Baron.

Upon hearing this, the remaining ladies of the court took out their tits and tittered at the Baron.

It was the Commoner that answered the Baron's cry for the Baroness, "Surely she is laid up in bed with Laryngitis,"

"The Satyr?" queried the Baron.

"Making it Greek style," observed the Commoner.

"You should mind your P’s and Q’s," returned the Baron.

Replied the Commoner, "They seem to have gotten lost with my R’s."

"And pray tell what happened to your R’s?" asked the Baron.

The Commoner answered, "My arse is sore from being buggered by the guards, the buggers!" thus scoring another one for the common people.

"Guards!" cried the Baron, "Seize this commoner for impotence of respect!"

The Commoner circled the guards and grabbed one by the left nut, as was right, for the other guards became suddenly cautious.

"Ouch, that tickles!" cried the guard.

"What tickles?" queried the Baron from his throne of gold, as he could not properly see.

"Test-tickles," replied the Commoner, thus scoring another one for the common people.

The Commoner squeezed harder and the guard shit at Random; Random ducked and the shit hit the Baron.

"Shit," cried the Baron, and the remaining commoners bent and grunted and squeezed to their utmost, for as we all know, in modern days, a Noble’s Word is Law.

The Commoner squeezed harder, and the guard died. "Ah, bugger!" cried the Commoner upon seeing the remaining guards, who dutifully obliged.

The Baron waited and watched a moment then he stood and jerked off the remaining guards. The Commoner, in poor shape, was striped of his clothing as punishment and called to come forth, but he slipped on the floor and came fifth.

When the Baron saw this, he cried, "Balls!" not because he wanted to, but because he wished he too still had two.

The Baroness, now returning, replied, "Balls? If I had to, I could be Baron if I had two," and the Baroness showed her hand in which she had the one she had won, as was her right, when his left had been left 'round the Round Table at the start of the Baronial Ball.
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Happy Days Are Here Again… I think…   
11:50am 19/10/2002
mood: pessimistic
Okay, so I’ve decided that I’m happy with life. But I have yet to decide if that’s because my life isn’t going the way that I want it to and I’m just convincing myself that I’m happy, or if it is because my life truly is going the way that I want it to.

The reason I say that is because I feel happy about the way things are going, I enjoy my life as it is right now (for the most part) but it still feels like something is missing, and I can’t put my finger on it.

Lets look at the score. I live with my best friend. Who could ask for better living arrangements than that? I mean seriously now, only good things can come of that, barring loosing your best friend in some way shape or form, but I’ve never “lost” a friend per se. Grown apart from people, but lost? No. Happiness: 1, Unhappy: 0.

Financially, things are tight, but as has always been the case, my bills are for the most part low, and despite scraping by week to week on my measly paycheck, I still manage to always have just enough money to do the things I need to do and the things I want to do. That’s gotta be good on the good-bad scale. Happiness: 2, Unhappy: 0.

My job is going great. I may still only technically be a Level II Technician, but my job description more closely fits “Assistant Training Coordinator” and my job duties more closely fit “Training Coordinator.” So that has to be a plus there. Besides, at what other job would I get to teach and have as much fun doing it here, and not have to worry about keeping up my dues like I did with PSIA? Happiness: 3, Unhappy: 0.

I got game. That’s always nifty. James asked me to ST a scene for his DA game, and I suspect I’m going to fall into the role of aST again. I really enjoyed last week, and apparently everyone really enjoyed having me. They’ve restored my faith in myself as an ST. How can you argue that that could be a bad thing? You can’t. Besides, to top it off, I have a bunch of players that want me to run my own game, and James has said he will play in it to – which I can’t wait for, cause I’d love to ST for him with him as a player. Happiness: 5, Unhappy: 0.

So far we’re doing fairly well. And still on the up swing. So lets keep with the good. Mary got me into DDR. As cheesy as it sounds, I love DDR. I’m addicted. It’s a blast, and once again I have a pointless obsession that I can get into, and have fun making an ass of myself. Hell, we even got a couple of hard-pads for the house. It’s all cool like that. Happiness: 6, Unhappy: 0.

I feel really good ‘bout myself right now. For some reason I have huge amounts of self esteem, still minus the James-sized ego that I had back in high school. Don’t know where it came from, but I have a good image of myself right now. Happiness: 6, Unhappy: 0.

Lets switch tracks now. A friend of mine is talking about the possibility of moving out of state near the end of the year – who knows, possibly sooner. All I can say about that is that it is definitely a bad thing. From an objective point of view, it looks like he is running away, doing the same thing that I did when I moved to Oregon, and then again to Texas. From a biased point of view, he’s being an idiot and doesn’t realize how much he means to people (people like me) who don’t want him to leave because hey, he’s our friend, and we like him, and we like having him around, and damn it, we want to keep him! But I can’t even bring myself to talk to him about how stupid he’s being about it because on some level I know exactly why he’s considering it – Hell, I did it twice before. Happiness: 6, Unhappy: 1.

Legal crap. Happiness 6: Unhappy: 2. Legal crap still going on. Happiness: 6, Unhappy: 3. Having dealt with this legal crap for like two years now or however long it has been (long enough that I’ve forgotten how long its been). Happiness: 6, Unhappy: 4. Legal crap kinda sorta going in a good direction (that is to say, as good as can be expected). Happiness: 7, Unhappy: 4.
I also seem to have lost touch with the Fearsome Foursome. I’ve e-mailed them. I haven’t heard back. When I do hear back, we go at it for a week or so, and fall back outta touch for a few months at a time. It really, really, really, really sucks. Happiness: 7, Unhappy: 7. Yes, that’s three points for the Fearsome Foursome… There are three of them (plus myself makes the fourth).

So that leaves me at a tie, and I can only think of two things, which I intentionally saved for last. Me and my non-existent relationship. I’m a very needy person. The type that likes being in a relationship, having someone to care for, to care for me, and all that sappy bull shit that I don’t have that all my friends seem to have. I want that damn it. I’m jealous. Some one hook me up with a chic already. I want a girlfriend again. Happiness: 7, Unhappy: 8.

And finally the grand finally, my friends. I have lots of them. More friends than I know what to do with, because lets face it… I’ve never had this many people I could call friends before. Mostly friends from work and from game, but still… It’s comforting know that that many people value my company. Happiness: 8, Unhappy: 8.

And so once again, I’m left with a tie. Which, in my opinion, means I’m “winning” in the “game of life” as it were. A tie on the good-bad scale is most definitely a “happy” life. But I still find myself lacking in something. It’s not something I can put my finger on either. Of course, it may just be today that is bugging me. Today is weird. It’s really buggy. I don’t like today.

Probably tomorrow I won’t see half the things I listed as bad as actually being “bad”. But that’s tomorrow. And if I feel like something is missing, most likely I’ll feel this way again the day after tomorrow. Wait… no I won’t. Monday is my birthday.

Maybe it has something to do with that. Monday is my birthday. I’ll be 23. All of these friends out there, and the people that I’d like to share it with… well… that’s an impossibility. I want Scotty, and Anya and Lani to be here, too. It’s been to long since I’ve seen them. What… Three years now? Four? Something like that.

Maybe that’s what I’m missing. I’m missing home. I miss waking up and seen six or even ten feet of white fluffy snow. I miss flakes the size of my hand falling from the sky. I miss flying out to Hope for breakfast. I miss hearing the sky sing. I miss skiing. I miss the nightlife in Alaska (even on weekdays, nothing really closes before 9 or 10pm). I miss hopping in the car with the gang early in the morning and heading to town to blow a day just wandering the malls and having a blast.

Yet… At the same time… I wouldn’t give up what I have right now. Grr. Even with all this longing and prattle about how unhappy I am, I still don’t feel unhappy. On the contrary… I feel happier than I have felt in a long, long time. I just feel… Lacking…

Lacking in what, though…?

Random drink of the moment: Mountain Dew
Random slacking of the moment: Reading up on BESM
Game On!   
02:03pm 17/10/2002
mood: thankful
Wow. All I can say, is wow. That was fun. I never imagined, especially after all the crap that has happened, that I would enjoy STing. At least not for a while, or for that group.

But I showed up on Tuesday (against my better judgement) because people had said they at least wanted me to show up. I decided to run with a nifty idea for a character, minus a character sheet, just to give something for James to work with, and I really wasn't into it, but I figured "Hey, I'm here. Why not?". It was okay and all, and I was enjoying it I suppose, but something was missing. Something I couldn't put my finger on. My heart just wasn't in it.

I don't know anything about DA VTM, nor have I ever really looked into it. I do however, know quite a bit about the sociopolitical and theopolitical workings of the times, so from a historical perspective I prety much knew what was going on.

Well, the fucked in the head woman apparently attacked Mandy (I'm sorry Mandy, we should have taken care of that problem before it became a problem). As bad as it sounds, it made it feel like game was game again, getting accused of occult dealings, satanic worshiping, and threats of cops called on us (though ultimately it was one of our own that called the cops for obvious reasons).

Still, as much as it felt like game, something was still missing. I wasn't sure what it was. At one point or another, James asked me to run a short scene for him, and so I did. I didn't know anything about what was going on, so I just made up as I went along, and decided that I was going to focus on the cenimatics of the game instead of the rules of the game. Sorry guys, but I really don't know anything about DA or the rules or beast traits or anything.

And about the time that the party was being charged by three men on dead horses (the party's horses nonetheless) and the horses exploded in bits of flesh and bone, the riders dropping to thier feet to take swing at the players...

That's when I realized something...

James asked me to ST, and I did.

I told him I didn't want to, but when he asked I didn't even think about it. I fell into the role without a blink. Thank you James. I don't know if it was the fact that I am more comfortable creativly with a DA setting (since that's the majority of what I write "professionally") or if it was the fact that James still had faith in my ST abilities... But something clicked.

I havn't had that much fun telling a story in a long time. Two of the characters found themselves following the trail of an assassin, revealing to them ultimately that there were plots afoot to undermine thier lord. And all the while, they truly seemed captivated - and a couple people in other scenes kept looking over curiously, trying to figure out what was going on.

Thank you Everyone, Mike, Sprite, Travis, Mary, James, Mandy, Bradon, Heather, Mark, Kellen, Collin, Andy, Tony, Lizy... And anyone else I forgot and Everyone who said "What the hell was THAT?" or "I'm getting the fuck outta here" and "I should have known!"

You guys have managed to make the game fun for me again, when I thought it wasn't possible. You guys were great to ST for! I really hope you don't mind my new cenimatic approach to things, but when it comes down to it the part I like most is telling the story.

And James, with yours and your players' permission, I would like to continue telling for you. The plot is yours. The rules are yours. The game is thiers. The vission is everyones - something that I had never seen before in the last modern game. If you will have me, I will jump up and say HELL YEAH! if you want me to help bring life to the story.

Thanks again guys, for nagging me until I came. I hope you had half as much fun as I did, even though the servents let the drunken rabble into the castle.

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Make Yourself a Twisted and Demented Fuck for 13 Hours or Mroe   
06:24pm 15/10/2002
mood: indescribable
To Make Yourself a Twisted and Demented Fuck for 13 Hours or Less:

Watch Evangelion in one sitting.

Then watch Death and Rebirth.

Then watch End of Evengelion.

I've always considered myself borderline nuts, but for thirteen hours I managed to go from borderline nuts to Twisted and Demented Fuck. And back of course. But that took another thirteen hours, a liter of caffine, a shit load of sugar, and I think I had some sleep in there somewhere with some fucked up dreams, but that's beside the point.

For anyone who hasn't watched Eva, it's not a blow-shit-up mecha anime, though they do that, too. No, it's about, in a twisted sort of way, Man's (God's) realtionship with God (Man). If that last statement didn't make any sense - watch the series. Then watch the real ending.

It will fuck with your head. It will mind fuck you. However you want to say it, it will make you question what God is, and it will make you question what Man is. It will leave you with one reaction, and one reaction only:


Quite simply, Wow. I don't know what else to say about it, other than watching 13 hours of Eva is not for the week of mind. I do reccomend that everyone watch the entire series, then watch the movies in order, but keep in mind, unless you want to make yourself a Twisted and Demented Fuck for thirteen hours... Watch it in moderation.

Thank you James, for finally fulfililng your promise on making me watch that... Just do me a favor. Don't ever mess with my head that much at one time again.
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Libra Profile   
09:22pm 10/10/2002
mood: amused
Libra represents the Air element.

It is a sign that is more extroverted and active. For Venus-inspired Libra, beauty, balance and harmony are important. There is a great need to share, to be fair and impartial. Even with this need for calm, Libra remains a very active, outwardly radiating personality. Libra is the cheerleader we all need to work together and build a team!

With all of these positives here, how can the sign of The Scales be unbalanced? Sometimes loving Libra can need others too much and fall into the trap of dependency. The need for partnership leads this sign to falsely believe that there is no personhood with a partner. The temptation is to give away too much to others and reserve too little for oneself. Then life reels out of control.

Trying to be too fair undermines decision-making abilities. Libra may fear making the wrong choice or upsetting others. Inward-focused energy restores balance. Libras thrive when they give themselves permission to take care of themselves.

Sound like any Libra's you know?
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And I got on the phones today... Why again?   
10:41pm 09/10/2002
mood: dirty
Wow. Alright. So I did something very interesting today. I logged into the queue at work. I was promptly reminded why I liked not taking calls.

First off, my computer crashed as soon as I started the call. No really, I pulled up the customer’s account, without a problem mind you, and then I tried to open “My Computer” so I could get the exact wording of a particular option for the customer… and I say the dreaded words, “Page fault in explorer.exe”.

Well, I had already typed half a page of notes into the account, and wasn’t about to risk the computer rebooting… so I finished the 30min. call with an error message on my screen, unable to do anything other than type in the notes. Thank god I can do all this stuff off the top of my head.

And do you know what the problem was? Do you know what the customer told me, 30 min into the call? “Yeah, I called the phone company today because there was static on the line. They’ve been doing a lot of digging and construction on the phone lines lately, because it’s a new neighborhood.”

Lets think about this logically. You have a modem. It uses the phone line. You make phone calls, you hear static. Would you think that the modem would hear static too? Let me give you a hint, bitch… YES IT WOULD.

At least the problem was easy to fix: AT&F&C1&D2. For you modem techs out there, need I say more? I hate taking calls. Give me the classroom and 9 newbies any day. I can deal with stupid techs. I can’t deal with stupid customers.

Next time I’ll just not take calls, no matter how fast the queue is going up. Hey, it’s not in my job description. They aren’t even allowed to ask me to take calls any more. I knew there was a reason that I loved my job.

Besides which, I don’t get paid enough to take calls and talk to customers. I did the math today. 17% of each paycheck goes to benefits and taxes. Seventeen fucking percent! What the hell does Uncle Sam need with 17% of my paycheck? Social Security isn’t going to be around by the time I’m old enough to use it, so I pay for it why? And Medicaid? Medicare? Whatever it is? I pay for that AND my PPO health provider why? Explain to my why I am supporting some druggie mother and her welfare crack babies?

Granted, I know some people need these spiffs I pay for, but seriously now, seventeen fucking percent? 15 hours of OT were on this check… and it felt like I was getting gypped. I probably was.

On the up shot, all the extra work I’ve been putting in has paid off. The over all level of knowledge of the new hires has shot sky high in the past couple of weeks, and next class, at the end of the month, will be even better because we will have the new training material all finished, typed up, printed, and bound in a shiny new tech manual.

Hey, it may not pay much, but at least it looks good on a resume, right? Right.

That’s all for now. I don’t really have anything important to say. Just do me a favor… if anyone hears me suggest that I get on the phones for any reason other than to tell a customer “No”, please, by all means, bitch-slap me back to reality?

Ferret, signing out!

Random torture of the moment: Being on the phones
Random scream of pain of the moment: Why of why?
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Welcome... to the... tragic... kingdom...   
01:50pm 03/10/2002
mood: sick

Once was a magical place
Over time it was lost
Price increased the cost
Now the fortune of the kingdom
Is locked up in its dungeon vaults
The castle floor ties in traps
With coiled wires set back
Decoyed by old cheese
Now the drawbridge has been lifted
As the millions
They drop to their knees

They pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried
In their minds
His tears are frozen stiff
Icicles drip from his eyes

The cold wind blows as it snows
On those who fight to get in
On heads that are small
disillusioned as they enter
They're unaware what's
Behind castle walls
But now it's written in stone
The king has been overthrown
By jesterly fools
And the power of the people
Shall come to believe they do rule

They pay homage to a king
Whose dreams are buried
In their minds
His tears are frozen stiff
Icicles drip from his eyes
Welcome to the tragic kingdom
Cornfields of popcorn
Have yet to spring open

Have they lost their heads
Or are they just all blind mice
We've heard all their stories
One too many times
Hypnotized by fireflies
that glow in the dark
Midgets that disguise themselves
As tiny little dwarfs
The parade that's electrical
It serves no real purpose
Just takes up a lot of juice
Just to impress us

Welcome to the tragic kingdom
cornfields of popcorn
Have yet to spring open
Random Thoughts   
07:00pm 30/09/2002
mood: hungry
Well, today was the first day of the new training program at work. We were given a four day deadline to turn a one week class into a two week class. So four days later, the presentation was made, and the new training program approved. Another weekend gone, and 16 hours of overtime (for a grand total of 56 hours in a single week) and we’re testing out the new program on our first vict… new hires.

It went really smooth. We ended about two and half hours earlier than we had originally expected, so we have plenty of time allotted for all of our training stuff. Hopefully the rest of the week, and the first part of next week will go as well. We have more material to add as we realized we had left some minor oversights in our training, but for the most part, it’s nothing major and worked out pretty damn well.

Even got Kudos from the boss man on it, who was equally as impressed at the new, more comprehensive training scheme. Anyhow, it’s all good.

It’s Monday night to night, and normally I’d go play at Andy’s game, but I don’t know if I’m going to show up at all. This would mean that if I go next time, I’d have been gone for month. Very appropriate for a Nos, wouldn’t you say. I’ll laugh if someone had the nerve to try and take my primogenship from me. ^_^

But as it is, Mary and I are heading over to Bennigans for some dinner. We’ve not been able to get out and just chill for quite a while. It’ll be a welcoming to pick up that tradition again (for the most part, Mary and I got to Bennigans every two weeks after payday since she started working here at Everyones Internet).

Anyhow, I’m out. The monkeys are shadowing and all that good stuff. I’ve gotta de-stress before my meeting tomorrow (personal business, not work type stuff – god I wish I got paid for this shit). Hopefully I’ll get some writing on my newest project done sometime tonight or tomorrow.

*realizes something*

Oh yeah, I’ll have the house to myself all day tomorrow… Wow… that’s gonna be the first time in a LONG time… I think I’m looking forward to a little alone time. ^_^ Of course… tomorrow, I’ll probably rant about how bored I am. ;)

Random craving of the moment: Bennigans Irish American Steak, rare, with tavern shrimp, extra tarter sauce, a side of mashed potatoes and garlic bread, and an ice tea, light on the ice.
New Writing Project...   
11:23pm 29/09/2002
mood: bitchy
I have an urge to write something, but I’m not exactly sure what. So I’m just gonna babble on. I’ve pretty much got the premises I needed in my head to start my next novel. I’ve got all the nifty ideas on what I want to accomplish as far as story line in it, I have the magic structure pretty much down pat, as well as the magic/science interaction. I’ve got the whole racial/religion thing figured out, and as well I’ve figured out the majority of the social-political structure.

Its now just a matter of writing up a few shorts and seeing where it leads. I’m prolly actually gonna start with the prologue this time, then go into the chapters, simply cause this novel ties into Chronicles a little bit. It’ll make the transition from the old novel to the new one easier, especially since the two novels are “officially” unrelated.

The tie-in is actually a scene that happens in the North Border Chronicles, but isn’t actually written about. It’s one of those avenues in Chronicles that was never actually explored. Ultimately I may actually use the scene in Chronicles itself, if I like it enough. Wouldn’t that be trippy?

Right now, the last hang up is deciding which of the characters from Chronicles are going to carry over into my new novel. I’d like to see Kryssa again, just cause she’s a really nifty character, IMHO. I don’t think we’ll see any of the wisps because they are purely magical creatures, and wouldn’t have survived the end of Chronicles. I’d like to see Akaiko, again, another one of my characters that I think has great potential, but I don’t know that I can justify his use. I really do want to tie his race, or perhaps the haachlens into it. I’ve got really nifty ideas regarding augmen-tech (don’t ask) for them. The race as a whole plays a significant part in the story.

Jules is an obvious cross over, but he’s just… out there. It’d be hard to keep up that awesome of a character up for a second entire… *evil grin* I just got an idea… it would allow me to bring in Jules, but I wouldn’t know if it would work or not until the completion of Chronicles. But that’s ok, I would have plans for him till near the end of the new project anyhow.

Lets see…
I think I’ll keep Kryssa in, though her exact status has yet to be determined. Never mind, I just tied that in as well. She’s not going to be a main character, but she will have a major role.

Okay, next character… I want a haachlen or classica… I think ‘prolly a hacchlen as the main character. Maybe a classica as a minor reoccurrence. I could use the concept I’ve had of Moi’kan for some time… his character would fit in line with the already well established make up of haachlen society, and the character concept would fit well with what I need… I think that settles it. Haachlen it is.

I still need the human and elf aspects to tie in. For obvious reasons, the human would have to be in a direct line of decedents from either Meric, or Jules. Probably Meric… It fits in better and gives Kryssa the tie to the story, where as the human needs only the plot of being Meric’s descendant to be tied in. Guess I really only need a name. The elf aspect will be much, much harder, given the state that things end in Chronicles. It will probably be random elfin type person that I pick once I start writing, since the character wouldn’t actually come into play until later.

I guess that gets me started, really. I’m set to write some shorts. Now to just actually buckle down and do it instead of posting about what I’m going to do into my journal, right?

Random self loathing of the moment: Frustrated at my own stupidity